Don Quixote is a character full go pride and arrogance. Both of those qualities lead to him being a terrible listener. There are chances for things to go pretty well if he would just listen to others around him, but he doesn’t. He believes that he is right and doesn’t need anyone to explain anything to him.

One examples of this happening is one time with Sancho Panza. During the first time, Sancho was trying to explain to Don Quixote that Dorotea wasn’t really a princess. That he had seen Dorotea doing some “inappropriate” things for a princess to be doing.

“‘…because if she were what she says, she wouldn’t be smooching with someone of the present company when heads are turned and behind every door.'” (Chapter 46)

Sancho Panza just wanted to let don Quixote know the truth. He wanted don Quixote to know what was really happening and for him to make his judgements of what to do afterwards. Sancho knew that his master wouldn’t quite take this well, but he still told him the truth. If don Quixote had listened, I feel like a few things could have gone differently. One thing could have been that don Quixote would have refused to continue on this adventure with Dorotea. Another path it could have taken would be that don Quixote decided that since Dorotea was a princess, don Fernando was a prince because they were in a relationship.  Many thins could have happened from this.

Another example of don Quixote not listening to his ever faithful squire was when he was inside the “enchanted” cart, which really wasn’t so enchanted, and traveling with the disguised priest and barber. Sancho tried to explain to don Quixote that the cart wasn’t as enchanted as he thought.

“‘…I want to ask you a question, and if the answer is as I think it will be, you’ll be able to put your finger on this trick, and you’ll see that you’re not enchanted at all, but rather you have had your wits turned inside out.'” (Chapter 48)

Sancho wished that don Quixote would quickly see past the lie and understand what was really happening to him. Don Quixote argues with him and explains that there are different types of enchantments that could be put on him. I believe that if don Quixote had listened to the squire, he could have easily gotten away if he wanted. Once they let the knight out to go to the bathroom, don Quixote could have left right then and there without them realizing for a little bit.

When thinking of don Quixote, I think of a character who has too much pride, not enough listening skills. If don Quixote would just start to listen, his adventures could go much more smoothly, in my opinion. He would be able to get some of his goals accomplished easier and he wouldn’t get into so much trouble. I believe that once don Quixote learns to listen, he would become a better knight, one that he wishes to be.