Can you read all of Don Quixote de la Mancha–122 chapters and two prologues? Let’s get reading and see who can make it to the finish line!

IMPORTANT RULES: Each week on your blog post, mark the “categories” corresponding to the chapters that you read THAT WEEK ONLY.

Don Quixote (Dra. Lewis) johnny-depp-disney-don-quixote




Sancho Panza (Ryan)




Antonia the niece (Paige)  





Ricote (Michael G)





Samson Carrasco (Nell) :  




Dorotea (Sisi)  




Ginés de Pasamonte (Jen)





Cide Hamete Benengeli (Michael H) :  





Teresa Panza (Carrington)





The Priest (Vincent)




Rocinante (Julian)




Frestón (Benjamin)




Ruy Pérez (Kelvin)