Don Quixote is not liked much in his “community”. He has caused more trouble in three days than the rest did in their lives combined. His actions have also physically hurt him, Sancho, and his horse Rocinante. No one likes Don Quixote, but does any hate him?

Before we look to see if any hates Don Quixote, let’s see if their anything Don Quixote did that left a positive impact on someone else. Unfortunately, this never happens so far (vol 1, ch 1-37), everything Don Quixote done was not positive. Now everyone didn’t always complain, but I think it’s because they’re just trying to ignore him. Don Quixote also has a habit of not listening to anyone, and assuming what he thinks is true and therefore making faulty conclusions or just wasting someone else’s time.

A good example is the barber basin them . In chapter twenty-one Don Quixote and Sancho were walking in the rain when “A short while later, Don Quixote caught sight of a man riding toward them and wearing on his head something that glistened…”(Grossman). Don Quixote then told Sancho that the man is related to the fulling hammer deceit, and says “… unless I’m mistaken, coming towards us is a man who wears the helmet of Mambino, concerning which as you well know, I have made my vow.”(Grossman). Don Quixote argues with Sancho calling him “doubting traitor” and after Sancho lets him confront the man says “… but I shall hammer and full your soul”, because Don Quixote was still mad by the fulling hammers.

Don Quixote decided the best thing to do was to kill him with his lance yelling “Defend yourself, base creature, or hand over to me of your own free will what is so rightly mine!” (Grossman).  Barber, doing the logical option, fled, leaving the basin on the ground. The barber did nothing wrong and will have to buy or build another basin.

This is the reason Don Quixote is not liked, but does anyone have hate towards him? The closest resemblance is in chapter thirty-five. The innkeeper said this “Strike me dead if Don Quixote or Don Devil hasn’t slashed one of the skins of red wine hanging at the head of his bed…” referring to the incident earlier where Don Quixote attacked a wineskinImage result for don quixote wineskin in his sleep.  Wine was very expensive in the seventh century, so the innkeeper has very good reasons to be upset.  But does he hate Don Quixote? At that moment, yes, and it would be awhile before he lets it between him and Don Quixote. The innkeeper was experiencing emotional hatred towards Don Quixote, which is to say, a very shallow hatred, so there might also be a no in the question. The innkeeper hated Don Quixote’s actions and it’s consequences, but did the innkeeper hate Don Quixote as a person? No, he doesn’t.

The innkeeper doesn’t speak to everyone else, he just blow his top once, and it will be interesting who does it next, and if for a fact, things get physical, will real hatred come out of someone?