Don Quixote’s unstable mind makes him believe that he is constantly having to do chivalrous acts, however, these acts usually cause more harm than intended and don Quixote continuously deflects and never takes responsibility for the consequences his actions have caused.

Don Quixote, Sancho, and Rocinante are beaten up.

Rocinante decides to try be with some mares that are near where don Quixote and Sancho have stopped, this causes the owners of the mares, the Yanguesans, to attack Rocinante. Sancho and don Quixote go to help Rocinante and fight them off when they are severely beaten up by the Yanguesans. Afterward, don Quixote says it’s because they were not knights and therefore he is being punished for fighting people who weren’t knights.

Don Quixote pushes the blame to Sancho by saying that next time Sancho must do it himself and not let don Quixote fight unless they are knights or have knights fighting for them. Now not only has don Quixote’s horse been the cause of their pain but also don Quixote’s belief that he is a great knight and therefore able to fight against a large group of people.

Confusion at the inn.

Don Quixote believes that a woman named Maritornes is a princess and tries to woo her, which ends up causing a brawl between himself, Sancho, and those at the inn. After having passed out don Quixote wakes up and tells an enchanted story about what has happened to him, this furthers Sancho’s anger and don Quixote tries to make Sancho not worry over the events and enchantments. So far don Quixote’s fantasy land makes him believe that all is well and good because he was with a princess and fought giants when in reality him and Sancho were being beaten up due to don Quixote’s mistakes.

Don Quixote’s knightly advantages.

In order to remedy their injuries, don Quixote mixes up some ingredients to make a balm which should heal Sancho and himself. However, the concoction makes don Quixote vomit and pass out and makes Sancho feel very ill. After waking up don Quixote claims that he feels better and that the balm has worked, whereas Sancho does not feel any better to which don Quixote replies,”’When don Quixote saw what had happened to him, he said: “I think, Sancho, that all this trouble comes from your not having been dubbed a knight. I’m convinced that this balm shouldn’t be taken by those who aren’t so dubbed.”

“If your grace knew this all along,” replied Sancho, “—woe is me and all my kindred!—why did you let me drink it?’” (Cervantes Chapter XVII) Again don Quixote is deflecting their problems and holes in his fantasy by not taking any responsibility.

Sancho is embarrassed.

Once they try to leave the inn, don Quixote and Sancho are asked to pay and after don Quixote says that they wouldn’t and don’t need to Sancho ends up getting blanketed by those at the inn. For Sancho this is very embarrassing and degrading. Don Quixote does nothing to help Sancho because he feels too hurt to get off of Rocinante and therefore only shouts at the men who are blanketing Sancho. Later, Sancho who has been loyal to don Quixote the entire time becomes (rightfully) angry that Quixote did nothing to stop the men and couldn’t overcome his pain to help his loyal squire. Don Quixote again does not take responsibility for upsetting Sancho and for allowing this to happen to him, Quixote believes that he was justified in preserving his strength for himself and not for the benefit of Sancho.

Don Quixote continually deflects, unknowingly, from how his fantasy world doesn’t connect with reality as well as making excuses for things he cannot explain or for things that don’t go as planned. This causes himself and Sancho to be put in dangerous situations where Sancho usually takes most of the beating or conflict. Sancho is slowly seeing how don Quixote is crazy and is more harmful than helpful. Sancho is also becoming more and more upset with don Quixote and less happy to be by Quixote’s side.