From my perspective, an awarded title, such as ” Don, ” should be taken as a sign of achievement they’ve made.  Yet Sancho ensures the villagers to not bother calling him that.  Why is it some people refuse to inherit a title? Do they feel unworthy to inherit it? In Volume II, Don Quijote is confident his intellectually grown squire is ready to take on his governorship.  In the beginning, Sancho had the attachment of both fame and wealth. He didn’t share the same virtuous beliefs as Don Quijote, living to the full extent of the codes of chivalry.


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” because it seems to me that, even if God let crowns come raining down all over the earth, none would land on my wife’s head. You see senor, she wouldn’t be worth two cents as a queen. She might make a better countess, but it wouldn’t be easy, even with God’s help.”

( Don Quijote, Volume I, Chapter 8, Page 43)

The above quote indicates his personal purposes that he wanted complete by only through traveling on the knightly journey with Don Quijote. He only wanted to live up to the fascination of attaining his wishes until the situation started to evolve throughout their journey.

As we dive further into the novel, we, as well as Don Quijote, see Sancho transform into a ‘ person with a more varied perspective along with the quality wisdom. ‘

” If your grace thinks I’m truly not fit for this governorship, I give it up right here and now, because one dirty fingernail of my soul means more to me than my whole body, and I can being a governor and living off partridges and capons and whats more, we’re all one and the same, when we’re asleep, important people and unimportant people, poor and rich alike – and if you think about it, your grace, you’ll realize it was all your idea, this business of my being governor of an island, because I know as much about being a governor as a hawk does, and if there’s any chance that being a governor will help the Devil get hold of me, I’d rather go to Heaven, being just plain Sancho. than go to Hell as a governor.”

Don Quijote, Volume II, Chapter 43, Page 585)

Don Quijote, on the other hand, believes he is ‘worthy to be governor of a thousand islands.’ He is the living inspiration that fascinates Sancho. When it comes to a point in life that you arrive at the commitment that you prioritized on, it concludes to the greatest feeling. Furthermore, a new phase of your life journey awaits you. A specific title such as ” Do” is not typically bestowed on a person. Rather, it’s earned through patience, skill, and arduous work.Unable to detect his efforts, his master reinforces the progress he was gradually making. Sancho’s master does not have a doubt in his mind of his squire bumping up to a governmental position in the world.  From viewing Don Quijote’s speech and panache, Sancho resonates his voice, uses reason, common sense, and good judgment. Regardless of his low- class status, there is a manifestation of his ability to rule justly. He mentions God a couple times in the previous chapter. If he practices his original plan in the name of God, there is a less chance he’ll commit future errors.