Over the course of Volume one of Don Quixote the main character Don Quixote has a really hard relationship with staying in reality. Don Quixote has always rode on the fence of being in reality and fantasy. There has been many people in Don Quixote’s journey that  have either tried to help bring Don Quixote back into reality like his niece. There has even been others who want to abuse Don Quixote’s want to live in a fantasy world like the women outside the inn who told him their were princesses so he would give them attention.

In Volume two it starts to seem like the women in Don Quixote’s life are always trying to bring Quixote back into the real world. Such as Sancho’s wife, the wife was angry at Sancho for not asking Quixote for payment for his services. Even though Sancho has been promised an island and Sancho believes he will get it, his wife doesn’t buy into all the madness. The wife wants Sancho to get his payment because she knows that he needs to face reality and stop living a fantasy and come back to his family and take care of them.

The other women that want the pair to stay in the real world is Don Quixote’s nice and the housekeeper. When Quixote becomes ill and the nice and the housekeeper want Quixote to stay at the house so they can take care of him, because he is starting to become dangerous to himself. They know if he leaves they have no control of him. To relate this to my own life is when, my great grandmother did not want to go live in a retirement home, because she enjoys living alone, the thing is she can’t take care of herself to the best place for her to be is the retirement home.

Now the men in the story seem to always want to live in fantasy. Prime examples of this is the pair of Don Quixote and Sancho. Even further is the priest and the barber, like even though they don’t agree with Quixote they for some reason still follow him on his journey.

It seems like Cervantes wanted to show that the women were almost smarter then the men, because they knew what was best and that the reality is what that mattered. While the men go off on their own adventures and live their fantasy life. So was Cervantes trying to say that women are the only thing keeping men from living their fantasy or that women are ultimately smarter then men.