The duke and the duchess seem to have too much time for their own good. It seems as though all they do is play cruel jokes on Sancho and Quixote. Now these jokes aren’t quite like the ones Sancho and Quixote play on each other, but rather they are cruel and spiteful. I am left questioning what would lead people to do such a thing.


Quixote and Sancho are just two townspeople who have decided to take up a giant adventure. In my opinion people should just let them have their fun as long as they aren’t bothering them. I do not understand why the duke and duchess have it out so badly for Quixote and Sancho.


The whole thing is just another form of theatre. When I think of theatre I think of sitting down in an audience and being entertained by some sort of show. That is exactly what this is. The duke and duchess are the audience and Quixote and Sancho are their show. This is mere entertainment for them. Maybe later on in the book the real reason why they are doing this will come out but for now, that is my conclusion.

Sancho and Quixote’s Prank War

Sancho and Quixote had sort of a prank war going on for a while. They played little harmless jokes on each other and got a little mad at each other every now and then. The jokes that the duke and duchess are playing on them are completely different. They are humiliating and mean. In my opinion I think that the duke and duchess have nothing better to do then come up with these jokes for their own entertainment.

Movie Clip

In the short clip from class that we watched we got to see the scene where Quixote and Sancho “ride” the wooden horse. Once again another joke played on them. In this clip of the movie, it seemed almost harmless. The duke and duchess were just relaxing in some chairs giggling about it and Sancho and Quixote didn’t really question it. In my opinion it is much different in the book. Even with Quixote’s insanity, he was able to realize that something was slightly off when they blindfolded him and put him on a “flying wooden horse.” In the movie, it seems as though Quixote just goes with the flow and believes the whole scene. I do not think that clip portrayed that scene to its full potential.

The last several chapters have just seemed like I am reading a fairy tale. While the joke is being played on Quixote and Sancho it seems like as a reader I’m just watching a movie. I am interested to see what the future holds for Quixote and Sancho and I hope more luck comes their way.