In the first chapter of this weeks reading I quickly realize that the following chapters will be like the last few, with the Duke and Dutchess continuing their cruel jokes.  Things crossed a line in the jokes when they actually caused physical harm to don Quixote with the cats.  “The cat, however, never minding these threats, snarled and held on; but at last the duke pulled it off and flung it out of the window.  Don Quixote was left with a face as full of holes as a sieve and a nose not in very good condition”(Chap 46).   Even though the Duke eventually pulled the cat off of him, its still his fault that the cat attacked him in the first place and left don Quixote beat up.  Also, what does it say about the Dukes character that he would just throw an animal out of a window?  Now I’m not even a cat person, but I would never fling a cat or any animal out of a window under any circumstances.

When will the Duke be done messing with Sancho?  Hes had his fun now he needs to leave him alone.  Teasing him with food then taking it away is petty and shouldn’t serve the Duke any amusement, but it does.  Then it goes even further when the Duke tells Sancho there is someone plotting to kill him, so that Sancho becomes suspicious and puts him on edge, making him act aggressive and not himself, like threatening to kill the business man.  That’s something we’d expect from don Quixote, not Sancho.  He went from threatening to kill someone, to helping the young girl dressed as a boy not get in trouble with her father.  This proves that deep down Sancho is still his good natured self, despite the Dukes tricks.  This is seconded by Sancho letting the man who was supposed to be hung go.  He also proves that he’s still not the smartest, with his random laws that don’t totally make sense, the “Constitutions of the great Governor Sancho Panza”.   Its unfortunate that the whole town Sancho is governing is against him and is helping with the tricks, ultimately leading to Sancho giving up his governorship.

I believe the Stanford leadership video had a lot of valid points about the connection between being a leader and don Quixote.  It does take seeing something that others don’t to be successful, or else everyone would be successful.  Don Quixotes ability to not only see things in a different perspective from others, but to not back down when people argue against the idea you have is what makes a good leader.