The novel Don Quixote comes is a sad end at the conclusion of chapter 72 of the second part. Our beloved hero catches an illness and ” comes to his senses.” I’ve pondered the reasoning Cervantes has for ending the novel in such an abrupt manner. Ive come to conclusions that he simply ran out of ideas to that the whole book is a biting biblical allegory.

Don Quixote meets his end by catching a horrible illness. My mind goes straight to the idea of pestilence. Was Cervantes trying to compare the love for knight stories by the general public to the deadly plague? I understand its a bit of a stretch, but if you look at the satirical tone throughout the novel, especially toward the church, the idea becomes a little less far fetched.

As the novel comes to a close, it is time to reflect on the fallen hero of Don Quixote. Through his antics he has taught us many important life lessons. Some of the most important have to do with staying true to your own ideas, the gift of imagination, and the importance of love in the romantic and companionship sense.

Cervantes teaches us to “always be true to thine own self” . Even though Don Quixote is ridiculed and taken advantage of, he stays exactly who he wants to be. A nonconformist by nature. Although most of Don Quixote’s plans end in disaster, he quiet literally always gets right back on the horse. He never gives up on himself even at his lowest points.

The next important lesson Don Quixote teaches us is the importance to believe the unbelievable. To stray from the reality of daily life and dare to dream. Cervantes teaches us to get lost in what we truly believe in. Some of the greatest minds throughout history have had theses “mad man” ideas that have led to great discoveries that may have not come about if they were shaken by the opinions of others. The world may still believed to be flat and slavery may still be intact.

Lastly, Cervantes has taught us so much about love and relationships. Through satire and strong female roles, Cervantes has taught us that love is the driving force behind everything we do. He has taught us to look beyond love at first sight and look within. He has taught us that even though the people we love may betray us, they will be by our side until the end. And most importantly he has taught us the importance in loving ourselves. For when we love ourselves nothing can kill our spirit except death itself.

The novel has intrigued me and has taught me to look further into the words printed on a page. That a story may have a simple plot, but an incredible message. And lastly, Don Quixote has taught me that 142 chapters is more than enough.