Based on the chapters I read so far, it showed me how Don Quixote was not afraid to be whatever he put his mind to. He did not care about what others thought of him, he was focused on finding his right identity. Quixote was confident in any of his identities that he found in reading his books of chivalry. In our class discussion we asked the question if Don Quixote having was a good thing, the answer we gave to that question was a strong no. Don Quixote is a fifty year old man that thinks he is knight, most knights are young fearless men. It will not be best for a fifty year old man to travel the world looking for enemies to fight and to stop criminals. Even though majority of the people call Quixote crazy and insane, he is still a brave man.”And since whatever our adventurer thought, saw, or imagined seemed to him to be as it was in the books he’d read, as soon as he saw the inn he took it for a castle with its four towers and their spires of shining silver (Chapter 2)” in his head he is always ready to help any and everyone. He is not afraid to help others in any way possible, but in the story he tends to put people in worse situation. In the chapter 9-14 Don Quixote meets one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen named marcela. After losing her student who loved her dearly she refuses to marry anyone else, many men have come across to ask for her hand in marriage but Don Quixote says he destroy anyone who tries ask for her hand in marriage. When reading his books of chivalry, he came across the idea of becoming a knight to help others. He was ready to travel the world and go on adventures it was his so called “calling”, it in my opinion I believe that Don Quixote was tired of his everyday life. Once he began reading the books of chivalry they gave him life, he wanted to go and be like one of these braves human beings. Already in his head he though he could be anything he set his mind to, so once he began to read more and more he finally made the decision to change his life. He wanted to be more than just a old man that stays home all day, in his town he has monks  that pray to god day and night and they brave me to go out and make those prayers come true. Quixote no longer wanted to be one of these men who stay and pray he wanted to go out and write his own story, he wanted to accomplish any goal he set his mind to. Anything he did, he gave it his all Quixote wanted to known more than just the old man who prays all day and lives decently. Don Quixote wanted to be a hero.