There are many words to describe the man Don Quixote, some people would might say he is insane, stupid, a madman and maybe in some cases smart. If you could ask any person if changing identities as many times as don quixote did in his lifetime they would say that he is either insane or not too bright. But how can you call a man crazy when you think about this some people change their identity in some way in their everyday life. In most cases it may not be as drastic a change as don Quixote but it is still something. There are some individuals in this world that have a great influence on many people in this world.
For example, think of your favorite person on this planet it, could be a celebrity, family member or friend. Since that individual is the one that you would look up to wouldn’t you do everything they did to be just like them? Let’s say your favorite celebrity has a different style as you are clothing wise, so you decide to copy their same style. That is a form of changing your identity because you are switching your ways to someone else’s to be just like them. A more drastic way of this would be you starting to act like that celebrity, family member, or friend.]
In my opinion, I believe that this occurs the most when we are young kids at a younger age imitate anything that they find appealing. When older let’s say around middle school to high school, kids during that transition change something about them. It could be the change of their hairstyle, a change of their clothing, and demeanor about certain things. I can agree with people when they say that this man is insane or stupid but to a certain extent, but there has been a time in my life where I have change my identity in some form. Don Quixote is a known as a crazy man that puts many innocent people in danger for his own actions, but one thing that he does confidently is show his true self.
No matter what person Quixote believed he was he showed the world that he was the most confident in that skin, he put his all into his characters and never let any tell him that he is not what he believes. Many people in this world are afraid to be themselves in their own skin they are scared that they will not be accepted by others around them or people they care about, the most. It takes a whole lot of courage for someone to change their own identity and be confident in what they believe. I am very comfortable in my own skin as it is now, I would never think about drastically making a change to my identity. I have worked all my life to create this identity, it is something very special that people should not that for granted it’s something that takes a lifetime to accomplish.