Our group this week finished our display in the Simpson library and it turned out a lot better than i thought it would. We chose to take the case with the most floor space and that allowed props and other taller materials unlike the other case that was hard to reach and basically only displayed books. On Tuesday night, our group decided to go and just get it done. For our exhibition we have a large windmill that we made that looks really cool and takes up a good part of a vertical area of our display kind of making it a focal point of the display. Additionally we selected books, movies, and encyclopedias that we thought related to Don Quixote and that provided some sort of insight on who the character represented. A big challenge that I encountered while helping to set up the display was getting the books the stand and getting the books to stay open to the page we wanted them to stay open to. Especially with the big hardcover encyclopedia and small, thin paperbacks the books would not stay open. Finally the solution we came up with was to put a rubber band around the book vertically on the page we needed and shove it into the spine which created kind of like a barrier on the page we wanted. I think our presentation stands out from the rest because of our use of props. In a display case as large and as open as the one in SImpson that we used, we thought it was vital that our display really grabbed the attention of the people walking by. I think with our large windmill and cutout swords and the way we laid it out using a good balance of books and pictures, audiences won’t feel too overwhelmed by words and they will actually stop by and take a look.