Don Quixote as A Game

In Digital Don Quixote we have recently been comparing the work of Miguel de Cervantes and how it can be translated into a video game. This is an interesting topic to me, and, I believe it could benefit other people greatly due to the new interest it would bring.  In class we have been covering many chapters, but most recently we have been studying ting battle with the Yanguesans more specifically. We have been translating this particular scene into a video game and studying how we can better explain and comprehend this scene by turning it into a video game. Although there are many ways of doing this, me and my partner thought that using a more retro video game, almost like an arcade fighting would be the best way to enjoy this scene. The idea was to have to player have a choice of playing as either Don Quixote or Sancho and then have the Yanguesans as the enemy. There would be three difficult levels easy, medium, and hard. In each successive difficulty level, the Yanguesans would be harder to defeat and the player would be easier to defeat. If the player loses, it is just like the story where Don Quixote and Sancho lose the fight, but if the player wins, this offers an alternate ending which I find could be interesting. Furthermore, if the player loses, there would be a cutscene that shows the conversation between Don Quixote and Sancho about the Balsam that knights used to heal themselves. Then they would use it and by random chance, the player would either lose the game or gain another life. If the balsam doesn’t work for the player, the alternate cutscene would show Don Quixotes explanation of their defeat and how they lost because he drew his sword upon men who were not knights. The setting of the game could also be beneficial to someone playing the game. In the background of this video game, there will be Rocinante tied up and the Yanguesans standing over him, and all of the Yanguesan horses. This helps the player visualize what might have happened and give them an image of what it might have looked like. There would also be a cutscene before you play the game, which would show Sancho and Don Quixote walking through the woods in search of the lost horse, Rocinante.