The million dollar question right now is whether or not our main character Don Quixote is a hero or a fool. People have their different views on this and it seems pretty rare to find two people with the exact same view. What do I think? I believe that Don Quixote is a hero trapped inside of a fool’s personality. What I mean by this is that Don Quixote is obviously crazy. I don’t really think anybody could argue with that. However, I think that the acts of chivalry and bravery that he portrays shows us that he has great intentions, even if his thought process isn’t all there. If Don Quixote didn’t act like a fool most of the time by taking on various insane challenges, and if he maybe hadn’t read all of those books about knights and adventures while getting virtually no sleep, then maybe just maybe he would be a heroic stud.

Don Quixote has a very difficult time from differentiating what is real and what is a silly made up fantasy. This is what a lot of times seems to be the main source of what gets him into trouble. There is a blurred line at the point where fantasy meets reality for him and this causes many people to laugh at him and view him as a source for their entertainment. If he was more careful, and maybe thought before he acted then a lot of his actions would not be seen as jokes and instead seen as heroic endeavors.

One thing that I believe qualifies him as being a heroic protagonist is the fact that he sticks to what he believes in. Never once has Don Quixote ever been scared or persuaded to pursue something else that he doesn’t agree with. He is consistent in his beliefs and this is a trait that I think really defines anybody. I believe that if you have this willingness to stick to your guns no matter how bad things get, you will most likely go far in life.