In this most recent reading the advantageous duo of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza continue to never fail to amaze us. They start out by getting themselves in some trouble once again. One instance of this is when Quixote mistakes a cloud of dust for a battle going on. He stormed into the “battle” and started attacking the “attackers”. After the cloud of dust had cleared they came to a realization that Don Quixote was actually attacking a herd of sheep. Another instance of this is when Quixote and Sancho are bunkered in the forest hiding from a “beast” that they hear in the distance making a deafening sound. They later go to investigate when it finally gets light outside and realize that it was only a fulling mill.

For me, a main focus point in this reading was the fact that Sancho is beginning to realize that a lot of the adventures that Quixote drags him on are in some cases very dangerous. Don Quixote also doesn’t really treat Sancho that well either. Sancho always ends up doing the hard work. If I could ask Sancho one question it would be why he stays with Don Quixote. Is it because Quixote is the best he’s got? Is it just simply the fact that Sancho hasn’t quite yet reached his breaking point? The main question I have however is whether or not Sancho himself is actually crazy. This of course would not be a question to ask him because he would obviously just deny it. I personally think that he should leave Quixote before he gets himself hurt. This, I think is very possible considering the conflicts that the two of them have found themselves in thus far. I would like to know the answers to these questions and I personally really hope they get answered in future readings.