In chapter 27 Sancho get beaten up again because, “one of the fellows next to him, thinking he was making fun of them, raised the staff he held in his hand and gave Sancho such a thwack that he couldn’t help but fall to the ground. ” (pg. 714) However Don Quixote was just, not so long ago, talking about the only times a man should fight which were to defend Catholicism, to defend one’s own life, to defend family and property.

Now we can argue that Sancho is at least 1/4 in Don Quixote’s category. Sancho can be his family since they’ve been together for such a long time in these adventures. Sancho has been with Don Quixote helping him out and being by his side for so long that it wouldn’t make sense that Sancho isn’t Don Quixote’s family.

Sancho can also be considered Don Quixote’s property as well. After all, he still has the title of “Don Quixote’s squire”. Sancho has done everything Don Quixote has asked him with no hesitation. All though Sancho has to stood up to him before, he’s apologized and went back to being his squire.

However, even though Sancho could fall into either category, Don Quixote did nothing but watch Sancho get beaten up. Don Quixote, “turned Rocinante around and, at the fastest gallop he could muster, show away…” Don Quixote had just talked about when to fight and go into battle yet ran away when Sancho got beaten up.

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