Cervantes ends the story of Don Quixote by returning talking about the man who wrote a knockoff sequel to Don Quixote, Part 1. At the end of this book, Cervantes makes it very clear that he has killed off Don Quixote. He also tries to make it clear that he is the first and only author who ever wrote a legitimate story about Don Quixote. Cervantes is very possessive when it comes to his famous character, and he wants to make sure that no one ever writes a word about Quixote again.

I will remember Don Quixote as a unordinary man that went on crazy adventures through La Mancha. The story of Don Quixote was entertaining and made me wonder what was going to happen next. The most memorable moment in the book was when Don Quixote fought the windmills because he thought they were giants and it was memorable because it was one of the first adventures Quixote went on.

I admire how committed the class was to Don Quixote. From making a twitter page about Don Quixote, to doing a blog each week about the chapters we’ve read. Years from now I’ll remember making the display case in the library and putting up our slideshow on the digital wall because a lot of the school got to see what the Don Quixote FSEM class is like and also got to see some of our work.