Leadership means the ability to influence others to achieve a goal. In the recent readings for Don Quixote, it has really highlighted Sancho as a good leader. Cervantes is clearly continuing to show that social classes are ridiculous. A peasant named Sancho is governing very fairly and wise. I did not except Sancho to be that good of a leader, due to his lack of training. A lot, if not all of the credit should be given to Quixote. He has really shaped and influenced Sancho into a very developed person. Throughout this time, Sancho has been following around Quixote while he leads. Sancho has learned from a mastermind, and is putting it to great use as governor.

While Sancho always seems to be underestimated, he is wise and shouldn’t be. When he was governor, he showed he can lead. At the end of Part II Ch. XLV, Sancho is governor and being faced with several problems. He is calm and collected, and makes very smart decisions. He is conservative with his rule, rather than being harsh, almost dictator-like. “Sancho set himself to think for a moment, and then said, “It seems to me that in this case it is not necessary to deliver long-winded arguments, but only to give off-hand the judgment of an honest man; and so my decision is that the tailor lose the making and the labourer the cloth, and that the caps go to the prisoners in the gaol, and let there be no more about it.”

While Sancho leaves his position after being pranked, he goes back to Quixote. This is one example of the loyalty Sancho has for his close friend. I believe this is a major point in the story for two reasons. 1.) Shows that peasants had lots of trouble being elected for high positions 2.) Shows Sancho truly cares for Quixote

1.) Throughout all of Don Quixote, Cervantes numerously calls out social classes. The Duke and Duchess playing a prank against Sancho, untimely making him leave his position, is very symbolic. I believe it shows that the upper classes completely control the lower classifications.

2.) Sancho went along with Quixote because he was promised to be a governor. He achieved his life goal, and once pranked, immediately left for Quixote. This shows he did not have all of the training to a proficient leader, but still very good. It also shows his friendship with Quixote. While Quixote seemed so crazy throughout this story, I believe there was a method to the madness.

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In conclusion, Sancho was a good leader. He was not a fully complete one, but as a peasant with no training, did exceptionally well. Quixote posses many leadership qualities, and has strongly influenced Sancho. Quixote’s dream, has turned into a reality for all of the characters in this story, meaning it has become reality. The Duke and Duchess continue to be belligerent in their pranks. They represent the upper class, sending problems to the classes below them. This was a serious turning point in the book for Quixote and Sancho.