While reading the authors dedication and the prologue, I began to wonder if maybe Cervantes is a little crazy himself.  Talking about the author who wrote the second part of Cervantes book without his knowledge, Cervantes says, “he made a tube of reed sharp at one end, and catching a dog in the street, or wherever it might be, he with his foot held one of its legs fast, and with his hand lifted up the other, and as best he fixed the tube where, by blowing, he made the dog as round as a ball; then holding it in this position, he gave it a couple slaps on the belly, and let it go, saying to the bystanders (and there were always plenty of them): ‘Do you worships think, now, that it is an easy thing to blow up a dog?’-Does your worship think now, that it is an easy thing to write a book?”(Cervantes) I found it shocking and a bit disturbing that Cervantes would compare killing and dropping slabs on dogs to someone who writes a second part of a book based off of someone else’s.  I get being upset that somebody wrote after your book, but I wouldn’t compare it to killing dogs.

Looking back after reading the second parts authors dedication and prologue, I can now see more instances that would make one think Cervantes himself is crazy.  To think up the things he has don Quixote and Sancho do is pretty out there.  The way he goes back and forth on making don Quixote crazy or not, as in sometimes he’s rational and then other times the farthest thing from rational.  He switched from having the priest and barber care about don Quixote and wanting him home to get help, to egging him on to get back out there, basically changing the role of two big characters.  Another factor, the way Sancho’s wife’s name changes.  There’s no practical reason for that and it makes no sense.

What I’m trying to say is that maybe the reason the main character is crazy, is because the author himself is crazy.  It would make sense why all the characters have a certain quirky feature, some more than others, but still there.