Part 2

Cervantes begins Part 2 10 years into the future. Over the course of the 10 years, someone made a counterfeit Part 2. Cervantes made sure to mock this counterfeit and bring the glory back to his own writings. I think he handled it very well because back then there were no copyright laws back then. If he left that book out there without any sort of method of letting the readers know the inferior copy of an unknown author were left untouched, the story of Don Quixote would be besmirched.

Don Quixote changes…

Not just the character, Don Quixote, changes but the characters interactions with him are changing. For example, I think Sancho is taking advantage of Don Quixote’s handicap by telling Don anything he wants. This is apparent in the town of del Toboso when he brings random peasant girls to Don and says one is Dulcinea because he didn’t know where the real Dulcinea lives. There is a new character, Samson, who is a scholar who wishes to help cure Don Quixote with the priest and barber. I don’t know what to expect of Samson in the future because he is supposed to be really smart but he went through all the trouble to dress up as a knight and fight Don. He lost and vowed to have revenge. This seems somewhat playful and childish of a scholar. I am very curious as to what their next encounter with this new character will be but we will have to wait and see.