Upon reading the first eight chapters of Don Quixote, we learn the exhilarating wonders of a man who is to be thought of as a crazy old man who thinks he is a knight after reading many books about chivalry. He creates his own new identity with high morales and immense bravery. In his eyes he is fighting giants and thieves, but in reality he is fighting inanimate objects and simple muleteers that have no actual quarrel with him.

My thoughts

I admire his new identity even though he is not actually doing any good with it. Don Quixote expresses his selflessness by attempting to save anyone in distress regardless of the danger. This is shown when he thinks he is saving a princess and he exclaims, “Release immediately the highborn princess that you’re holding against their will. If you don’t, prepare yourselves to receive a swift death as a just punishment for your evil deeds!” and also when he is rescuing the boy from being tied to a tree and beaten by his boss. In the end, Don Quixote is just pummeling random people not actually saving anyone in need, but his heart is in the right place.

Counter Arguement

Some Might say Don is a menace for his brutal acts toward the innocent, but i think he is still courages for he has lost his sanity and still attempts to bring peace and justice to the lands with his new persona. If more people changed their ways to help others at all costs (while keeping their sanity) the world would be a better place.

Other Characters Viewpoints

The people close to Don Quixote believe he is crazy and in need of help. For his own safety, the priest and housekeeper were right to burn his books in attempt to protect his sanity and anyone else who may be corrupted, but at the same time I think the books ought to be protected to encourage the chivalrous behavior. I believe more people in the realm should adopt the selflessness nature of Don Quixote and set out to help others (preferably ones actually in need).