I find Don Quixote admirable in his attempts to create a new identity as a knight of chivalry. At the same time however, I think his tactics for trying to complete this desire were wrong. First off, he started this quest at a far later age than preferable. Additionally, Don Quixote lacks the originality that many special identities have. Most of his knight-like actions are based on him trying to be like the characters that he read about in his books of chivalry. We don’t necessarily know whether or not those stories were fact or fiction, but the one common theme between them all is that the knight does good deeds. Don Quixote has some similarities to those knights in the books he reads about however. An example would be that when he comes home from an “expedition” he has people there to care for him and clean him up. He proclaims “Everyone stop, I have come badly injured through the fault of my horse” (49). Right after that his Housekeeper comes to tend to his wounds and care for him.

I have thought about changing my identity. I think as a child, boys want to become super heroes and girls want to be Disney princesses. i know personally, as a kid I always pretended to be Batman or the Flash because they were my favorite superheroes. However now as a more mature individual, I realize that changing identities to match a superheroes would be a very tough task. To go about it you would need to change your legal name and basically lose all connections with anyone who knew your old identity. This is one of the things that Don Quixote messed up with because he tried to just wake up one day and be a knight of chivalry.

In the world today there are many times of identities. There are physical identities such as individual bodies. But there are also internet/ social media identities that are much easier to create/ maintain than an actual physical one. In fact, many people in the cyber-world today may have more than one internet alias. I know for a fact that on the app instagram i have more than one account. I have a real instagram and a “finsta”, or “fake instagram.” Kids create these to post things that they probably dont want on their real instagram where adults and individuals of authority might see it.