Based on the documentary film that we witnessed, it gave plenty of insight of the amount of progress the aborted film was making. The temporary setup was a stellar idea of reinstating the classical Spanish literature but it did not result in a golden film.  The budget for film-making was extremely low, indicating that the movie was not going to be a release. On top of that, each member of the cast was not going to be paid at a standard wage. If a movie production does not receive money endorsement from contributors, then it’s highly unlikely the movie will ever reach a hit. The whole production would be done in vain.  Furthermore, the documentary film showed us of how the weather conditions did not meet their scene requirements. For instance, there appeared a storm, responsible for wrecking the entire set as well as the sun, not meeting the film’s specific days. I was surprised that it was an overall exemplification of what it takes to create a film. The lesson learned from was not all films sky-rocket in meeting high rate reviews. It was evidently clear the director himself experienced some complications in his film. Therefore, making movies is a great sensation but don’t squander your time in making one that would be in vain.


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