As I finish the twenty-seventh chapter, I reminisce about the laughter I had while reading the novel. Don Quixote’s characteristics couldn’t be more different than what they should be as a chivalric knight. He has the brains of a child but the confidence of a successful king! The amount of times Don Quixote thinks he see’s something that is not there is almost uncountable. Sancho and Don Quixote’s roles should essentially be switched due to there actions. I believe that if they switched roles, they would have much more success and a lot less setbacks in their journey. On the other hand that also is what makes the novel so funny to me. To give an example of the numerous times Don Quixote shows his over confidence in his assumptions is when he mistakes two sheep herds for two armies ready to battle and says to Sancho “That knight you see there in the gold-colored armor, who bears on his shield a crowned lion kneeling at the feet of a damsel, is the valiant Laurcalco, lord of the Bridge of Silver.” I don’t know whether Laurcalco is real or just a figment of Don Quixote’s imagination, but you can easily tell from this quote that Don Quixote is delusional.

The novel is filled with many different comedic scenes and is almost like a tv show filled with skits. Each little skit or scene shows again and again how Don Quixote is delusional to his surroundings. If this novel were to be a video game in todays world it would fit perfectly. Each scene could act as a level in the game. You would play as Don Quixote or Sancho and try to reenact what happens in the novel. There could of course be some differences between the novel and the game but the novel provides enough different scenes for the game to continue for a long time.

Don Quixote’s characteristics clash very much with how he’s supposed to act as a chivalric knight. This makes the story very entertaining. As I said before, Sancho and Don Quixote’s roles should be switched but if it were that way the story would not be as enjoyable and attention grabbing.