My main question as I continue to read is why does Sancho keep going along with don Quixote? Nothing but misfortune has come to him, yet he keeps going along with don Quixote.  This comes back to the question of whether or not Sancho is not smart, or crazy himself.  Idealistic might be the right word, because he’s just hoping for what he is promised.  Even after getting beat up multiple times, being blanketed, stolen from, never being listened to, and laughed at he still goes along with don Quixote.  There was a time when Sancho almost left don Quixote, but don Quixote promised Sancho more so he stayed.  The more Sancho gets angry and lashes out at don Quixote, the more I wonder if its foreshadowing that Sancho will shortly leave him.  One argument for Sancho just not being intelligent is when he kept taking the “medicine” even though it only makes him sick.  Sancho believing don Quixote when he says the medicine doesn’t work on him because he’s not a knight leads me to my next question about Sancho.  Does Sancho just take don Quixote’s word for it about everything he says about knights because he knows don Quixote has read all the books and he hasn’t, and just take his word for it?  Sometimes he protests what don Quixote wants to do, but never strongly enough to get him not to do it.  Wondering if this is because he assumes don Quixote is smarter than him and therefore assumes he knows what’s best, even though Sancho is usually proven right.  Which makes me wonder even more why Sancho is still going on with don Quixote’s journey, even though he has seen multiple times now that he knew better than don Quixote.  I often wonder if don Quixote just makes up knight rules when it benefits him, because he knows Sancho wont know any better.  There have been a lot of times when don Quixote has stated a knight rule that seems made up on the spot because its so specific to the situation he is in.  He also always has Sancho doing the dirty work, even though don Quixote is supposed to be the hero.  Somehow Sancho always gets the worse end out of whatever happens.  But for some reason Sancho remains loyal to his master.

As I continue to read hopefully I will get a better understanding of why Sancho is staying with don Quixote, or just find out that he is also crazy.  For Sancho’s sake I hope he wises up and realizes that he is a somewhat victim of don Quixote, and isn’t troubled anymore because of him.   But I also hope that don Quixote gets help because I don’t believe he is intentionally trying to hurt Sancho.