Chapters 15-27 Don Quixote has experienced more battles and adventures with Sancho. On their adventure they think they see ghosts and giants. Quixote has often mistaken things for something in his imagination. They encounter another crazy man named Cardenio and also run into some slaves.

Sancho is starting to realize that some of the stuff that Quixote does is reckless and unsafe. Quixote and Sancho hears a terrifying noise in the distance and they travel to it. The noise ended up being a water mill. Sancho then teases Quixote for being so scared.

During Quixote’s adventure they also stumble across a cloud of dust and think there is a battle going on. Like the knight Don Quixote is, he ran in the battle and attacked anything that moved. When the cloud of dust went away Sancho had realized what Quixote was attacking. It was an innocent flock of sheep.

When Quixote meets Cardenio, Quixote is very entreated by him and his story. The two men get into an argument and attack each other and Cardenio ran away. Quixote still wants to find Cardenio so he can learn the rest of the story even though the man had attacked them. Sancho thinks it is a bad idea because it is dangerous.

In my discussion group we talked about how Sancho may finally be done with Quixote’s madness. I think Sancho will continue to question Quixote’s sanity but will stay with him because he promised him his own land.

Also I think Quixote will never own up to any of his mistakes. Every time he is wrong or messed up he never owns up to it, or he makes an excuse.

At the end of the chapter Sancho goes to El Toboso to give a letter to Dulceani, but he forgets the letter back with Don Quixote. While this is happening the an Cardenio has found out that his lover is being married to someone else, so he goes to toward the mountain to die.

Overall, I think Quixote is becoming crazier as the story goes on because he is making rash decisions and doesn’t think he can make a mistake.