Whenever something does not go his way or he does not wish to believe what has happened, Don Quixote likes to say that he was, or the other people involved were, enchanted. Instances such as when he first meets Dulcinea, or who he believes is Dulcinea because Sancho introduces her with that name, and when he finds out the identity of the Knight of the Forest/Mirrors show how he likes to revert to enchantments when he can’t believe what has happened.

When Don Quixote and Sancho went to meet Dulcinea, Don Quixote sent Sancho to get her because he believes that Sancho has met her before. Unfortunately, this is not true and Sancho is left with the predicament of finding the girl. While thinking of what to do, he sees three peasant girls riding out to the fields, and he decides to tell Don Quixote that one of them is Dulcinea. Don Quixote is not thrilled by what he sees.

“…since the wicked enchanter who pursues me has placed clouds and cataracts over my eyes, and has changed your peerless beauty and features into those of a poor peasant for my eyes only…” (Chapter 10).

Don Quixote is always blaming enchanters for anything that he doesn’t like. Instead of seeing reality, he sees events through the eyes of a knight. In doing so, he is unable to distinguish what is real and unreal. I believe that if he could just get past wanting to see everything from a knight’s point of view, and just looks at everything with a clear head, then he would be able to see what’s real.

Another time the enchanters appear is when he battles with the Knight of the Forest/Mirrors. Don Quixote defeats the other knight and removes the other knight’s helmet. It was revealed that it was his new friend Sansón Carrassco. Don Quixote refused to believe this and mentions that enchanters transformed other people to look like him.

“Come Sancho, and at what you will see but not believe. Hurry, my son, and see what magic can do, what sorcerers and enchanters can do.” (Chapter 14).

Don Quixote can’t believe that his friend has come after him as a knight. He believes that enchanters are the reason that everything is gong wrong. His friend didn’t;t attack him. Someone that looks like him did.

In my opinion, Cervantes has don Quixote believe that enchanters are the reason for everything going wrong because he has no one else to blame. It is the only thing he can come up with that won’t make him feel bad and hurt. Don Quixote wouldn’t be able to understand fully what has happened if he can’t make a n excuse about enchanters.

Enchanters are don Quixote’s excuse for things he doesn’t believe has happened. It helps him understand part of what has happened without getting hurt. When something does not go the way he wishes, don Quixote makes up why it has happened that way and believes that he can fix it so it won’t happen again.