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Final project idea

For our project we have decided to analyze the female characters in Don Quixote more fully. We have spoken briefly on the female characters in class such as Dulcinea and the the Duchess, but we have not been able to explore them to a deeper extent. These characters, though they are small, have a great […]

Digital Project


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The End

After spending an entire semester learning about and reading Don Quixote, I have come to a conclusion that Don Quixote is a brave, lost, insane, loving, and simply a dumb ass. Examples being when Don Quixote stepped up for the boy being hit, let his horse decided where to go next, creating the story from … Continue reading The End

The end of the beginning

The end of the beginning

Throughout my first semester of college I read and analyzed the novel Don Quixote de La Mancha. At the beginning of the semester I didn’t really understand the point of the class nor the reason for reading the book but as we read more there are deeper meanings that really struck me. The end of […]

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

At the end of the semester and the end of the novel lies Don Quixote, dead. Not dead in the sense that in time he will be forgotten by many, rather it is quite the opposite. After his initial death Don Quixote has continued to die for new readers each year since the creation of … Continue reading In Memoriam