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The New Quixote?

Volume 2 begins with a whole new atmosphere about it.  After Cervantes discovers that a fake Volume 2 has been released, he changes things.  He uses the preface to discredit this hack of an author. After he finished with this, Cervantes picks up where he lefts off with Quixote at home, only it isn’t the […]

Don Quixote 2.0

Not as crazy as before In the first couple chapters of volume 2, i can already see that Don quixote has undergone some changes to his character. Before, in the previous volume, Sancho Panza would have never been able to talk Don Quixote out of doing crazy things. However now Sancho can actually talk to […]

Whose really the crazy one

While reading the authors dedication and the prologue, I began to wonder if maybe Cervantes is a little crazy himself.  Talking about the author who wrote the second part of Cervantes book without his knowledge, Cervantes says, “he made a tube of reed sharp at one end, and catching a dog in the street, or […]

The False Quixote

Up until no the main discussion of Don Quixote has been expanding and sharing of ideas around the world. In the second volume we start to see the down side of “sharing of ideas” through a heated Cervantes. As discussed in the prologue and intro, somebody who wasn’t Cervantes published a second volume of Don […]