In Cervantes’ 2nd part of Don Quixote, a turmoil starts between Sancho and Don Quixote. Sancho and Don Quixote start arguing more, and pulling pranks on each other. This is done by Cervantes to show that all relations have problem times, even ones that are about a knight gallivanting in the wrong time period and his squire that follows him through it all.

Sancho starts off following Don Quixote with the promise of his own land and being the owner of it. This would be a substantial increase to Sancho’s class status, and wealth. Sancho believes Don Quixote, or has no better plan to increase his status in life. Sancho puts up with a lot of crazy adventures with Don Quixote, which all might get him in trouble. For example, Sancho follows Don Quixote when he attacks the herd of sheep, even though Sancho warns Don Quixote about it. Sancho deals with Don Quixote’s excuses of enchantments, and elixirs to make them better. All leading to fractures at the end of the first part and start of the second part of Cervantes’ novel.

Sancho’s revenge starts in the second part by boyish pranks. Sancho puts curds in his helmet and “as the curds were pressed and squeezed the whey began to run all over his face and beard, whereat he was so startled that he cried out to Sancho” Don Quixote panics thinking that his face is melting from his helmet. Sancho is immediately confronted about putting the curds in Don Quixote’s helmet, and lies to Don Quixote saying that “let the devil eat them, for it must have been he who put them there” absolving him of the blame. Don Quixote believes this and moves on, yet this is only the start to Sancho’s pranks.

I believe that, Sancho is pranking Don Quixote due to Sancho being fed up with Don Quixote’s delusions about what is going on around him, and feeling like he wants some pay for his time spent.