A Good Leader?

In this weeks chapters, Sancho Panza demonstrates the qualities that make him a surprisingly quality leader. My opinion on Sancho Panzo’s ability to be a leader were changed because of his selflessness. As strange as it is to say, I think that traveling and tolerating the craziness of Don Quixote helped him become the rational and patient leader that he is because he has had to deal with the “worst of the worst.” These chapters described Sancho working tirelessly and often times skipping meals and sleep to ensure that he is doing his job.

The island of NOT Don Quixote

What i mean by the title is, that Sancho tells his servants and the inhabitants of the island that he is governing that he has plans to kick out lazy people and people without good sense. His people respect this however, if this were the case then wouldn’t Don Quixote not be welcomed on his island? Additionally these chapters reveal that after spending so much time with Don Quixote, Sancho may be susceptible to being tricked and manipulated by others. An example of this would be when the constable dragged in the young man. The young man talked his way out of jail time simply by saying that he would not go to sleep and that it would just be a bother to put him in jail. Granted, there was no evidence that the young man was guilty, I think that Sancho should’ve shown more responsibility and at least held the young man and done a slight investigation on his intentions for running from the police.

Why so much cross-dressing?

In these chapters there is an increased amount of cross dressing. For example, when the young lady runs into Sancho’s village dressed as a man because she wanted to explore the world and escape her family who wouldn’t let her exercise her curiosity. Additionally in a later scene, constables bring out her brothers who are also dressed like the opposite gender.

Tying this all together, at the end of that scene, Sancho admires the young lady dressed as a boy for her adventurous curiosity. That along with the other boy that ran away from the cops were both let go without warning which leads me to believe that as a leader, Sancho strives to keep his people happy.