The Most Impossible Game

Creating a game based on a book written ages ago was already hard as it is. Add in the fact that the main character belongs in a mental institution and you have two college students banging their head into a keyboard trying to complete the assignment. Don Quixote in the most recent chapters has seen ghosts, attempts to fight fulling mills, and even kills sheep. My partner and i were instructed to create some sort of game based on the part where they adventure with a dead body.


First of all, Don Quixote’s “side-kick” Sancho Panza, thought that strange men in the road were phantoms when he said “…if this adventure is one with phantoms-and it looks to me as if it might be…” (149). This is only the beginning of the craziness as later in the chapter we come to find that one of the phantoms was a group of priests when Don Quioxte assaults them for not identifying herself. Now imagine trying to make a game describing these events. The part we struggled with the most was finding actions to give the characters while they were speaking. In the story it describes Don Quixote waving his lance around at all the priests and riders until they fall off and run away. The frantic and quite spastic nature that Cervantes’s gives Don Quixote makes it difficult to give him the same role in a game without overwhelming other characters. For example, in this chapter, to cover this scene you would need to have Don Quixote admiring his new helmet and knock a priest off their horse. Additionally after that, the mental confusion when Don Quixote tells the priest he is going to avenge him makes it hard to match a facial expression with the actions.