The Old Don Quixote

In the first volume of the book and the beginning of the second volume Don Quixote is know to rush into conflict and never stop once to think about the consequences. He listens to no one and does not care if what he is doing is wrong. The only thing that stops him from doing things crazy enough to get him killed is Sancho. Don Quixote does nothing without a reason behind it for example when he stopped the royal cart with the lions on them he wanted to fight them to prove his bravery. Even though he never actually fought the lions they just turned around and went back to sleep on him Don Quixote still counted it as a victory.

The turning point

When Don Quixote meets Don Diego’s son Don Lorenzo, Don Quixote found someone who  actually wants to listen to his adventures. This is what seems to change Don Quixote, after he tells Lorenzo about his stories and past, Lorenzo said “his strange passions and convections make him mysterious and lovable.” This seems to be the part where Don Quixote changes his perspective of life.

The New Man

Now that Don Quixote has found a new friend his actions seemed to have shifted more to the reserved side then what we are used too.  Along with Don Quixote Sancho Panza is also learning how to analyze the world around him. Then when Sancho wants to make a speech about love Don Quixote tells him to be quiet and i think most of us can relate to Sancho on the fact that he is learning something new and wants to tell the world what they know and someone shuts us down. So i think that all Don Quixote and all everybody needs is a friend who will listen to all that we have to say without judging them is the best thing to help lead someone in the right direction.