Johnny Mnemonic is a movie made in 1995 that takes place in the year 2021. In the movie, neural implants exist that allow people to act as information couriers. This is a high risk job because if you store more information than your capacity, you suffer from seepage, which will kill you in less than 48 hours.  Unfortunately, this is what Johnny does in hopes of making enough money to have the implant removed. He is now fighting against the clock and the Yakuza, who were hired to chop of his head and return the information he is carrying to a rival company.

As the movie goes on, we meet many different characters, but there is one in particular that I believe had the most significant role in the movie. His name was Spider. He was a doctor that was working in an underground hospital. While Spider’s appearance in the movie was brief, he had one statement that really stuck with me. He said, “All the electronics around you poisoning the airwaves. Technological-fucking-civilization, but we still have all this shit ’cause we can’t live without it.” This quote is applicable to our society now more than ever before. So many people allow technology and social media to take control of their lives and affect everything they do.

While his movie was made 21 years ago, it still has underlying themes that are present today.