Confusing reality with fantasy is a dangerous and, at certain times, laughable act. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to Don Quixote after being absorbed too much into the fantasies that he was reading. Don Quixote quickly deems himself a knight and believes that he is to fight for peace. “He was distressed at how the world was suffering because of his delay, such were the wrongs he planned to right, the injustices to rectify, the abuses to mend, and the debts to settle.” What he did not realize was that this could put him in danger.

Not long after Don Quixote has taken upon his new identity and left his home, he came across an inn keeper who was very skeptical about him. The innkeeper was not sure about the sanity of the customer, but once Don Quixote asked the innkeeper to dub him a knight, the innkeeper was fully convinced that he was insane. In response, the innkeeper gave him a mission to complete, which he took seriously and ended up hurting two men trying to do their job. Angered at this, the other men started to attack and throw stones at Don Quixote. The innkeeper decided that that was enough and in order to stop this, dubbed Don Quixote as a night. Don Quixote moved on. He meets a group of merchants and ordered them to say that hid “woman” was the best. They argued with Don Quixote until he started to attack, fell off his horse, and was beaten for all the arrogant things he has said. He was left alone after. In just a few days, Don Quixote had come across a few different dangerous situations, where many people thought, and were right, that he was crazy. He had gotten attacked twice and was even left when he could not get up. At one point, a few weeks after all this, he obtained his squire and set off again. He came to find windmills, but he saw them as giants and attacked. He was hurt in the process. Don Quixote had given up a life full of comfort for instead a life full of adventure and craziness, which resulted in dangerous situations.

I have never thought about changing my identity. I am fine with how I am right now. However, there are times that I act a bit differently in different situations. For example, in a classroom I will usually be quiet and reserved, but with my friends I will be loud and outgoing. My identity has always been like that and I will never try to change it. If I were to try to change it, I would definitely try to do it differently. In my opinion, Don Quixote did it in the worst way possible. Although he is happy now, he is in a state of mind that can get him hurt in multiple ways.

Don Quixote lost sight in what was real and what was fantasy. His mind seems to have gone more in favor of the fantasy state. He confused reality with fantasy, and this has created quite a magnitude of different situations, such as people being skeptical and him getting hurt as a result. He keeps at his new life, though, not giving up.