The question that everyone is wondering is who is the Don Quixote? Throughout the novel Quixote would change his identity multiple times, in my opinion I view him changing his identity dangerous. This is dangerous because one point in his head he thinks he is this brave knight, but in reality Don Quixote is a 50 year old man. His mental state is unstable, for example in chapter 8 the windmill scene. Don Quixote mental state made him believe that the windmills were giants, which cause him to put his life at danger when he attacked the windmills. There is also a point in the reading where he believes he is a young man, and he comes across a woman and ask for her hand in marriage. A fifty year old man asking a young girl for her hand in marriage is very odd, Don Quixote’s identities all came from him reading books. He was influenced heavily by the books he read very easily, and once this happened there was no one that could change any of his viewpoints no matter what they said or did.

There was only one point in my life where I thought about changing my identity, and that was when I got to this university. In my head I thought this was a chance to have a new start and be a new person, but my mother brought me back to realization. She opened my eyes by letting me know that I am my own person and I am one of kind. I would not have gone about changing my identities like Don Quixote, his ways were dangerous and very stupid. In my opinion I believe that an identity is something that makes a person who they are really are, it takes a person a lifetime to truly find out who they are.

Having you’re own identity or view point on yourself is something that is only you can have, throughout a lifetime where you create your identity you create opinions and beliefs.Through the novel all of Don Quixote’s opinions and beliefs never changed no matter what anyway said to him, in your life will people in this world that will add their input to your opinions and beliefs that will possibly influence your viewpoint and change you’re whole beliefs. I say this because they are people out here that do things just to fit in and feel welcomed, I am most certain that in one person’s life there is a time where they do things just to fit in. I can say that I have been there when I was younger, throughout my middle school life if you didn’t have the latest attire you were viewed at as weird or an outsider. An identity is something one of a kind that no one else but you can have, it is not something that you should be changing every other day. This is something very special that makes you, YOU and there is no one in this world that can be you.