Don Quijote allows his mind to be corrupted with hoaxes. From managing to create a new ideological life, involving chivalry and knight-errantry, he forms a habit in gaining ill-advised truth while lacking clarity of reality. As long as the priests, barber and Dorotea’s word are accurately aligned with his subjective reality, he would not deny it and confirm it as the modern truth. While this occurs, an ambitious and faithful common man known as Sancho Panza, having the patience in listening to his idealistic truth throughout the duration of their journey, does the best of his ability to make Quijote see a realist’ point of view.  In response, he disbelieves Sancho’s terms of truth.

” Oh, senor, senor. there’s more wickedness in the village than you might think, and may all the honorable ladies forgive me for saying so.

In the name of God! that’s not just it – it’s just that I consider it absolutely certain and proven that this lady, who says she’s queen of the great kingdom of Micromicon, is no more a queen than my mother is, because, if she really was what she says she is, she wouldn’t be nuzzling with one of the gentlemen around her, every time you turn your head and behind every outhouse she passes.”

Don Quijote, Chapter 46, Volume I, Page 317)


The Don is a great believer in enchantments. He does not deny that they are the source of specific moments to happen in a particular setting.  For those who were born in the late nineties, our imaginary minds wrapped around a variety of enchantments. The topics of sorcery, witchcraft, and wizardry became revolutionized by none other than J.K. Rowlings, the creator, and author of the Harry Potter Series. Based on her genius, a majority of children enjoy reading a world of unbelievable fantasy. Can the notion of enchantments enlighten a person’s life?

We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.       

– J.K. Rowling

In chapter forty-six, Don Quijote’s priority is still essentially set to fulfill Dorotea’s request in silencing the giant.

” I thank you, sir knight, for your demonstrable determination to aid me in my great distress, fully appropriate to a knight whose obligation and concern it is to assist the orphaned and the needy: may Heaven grant the fulfillment of your desire , and mine, so you may see that, indeed, there are grateful women left in the world.”

Don Quijote, Chapter 46, Volume I, Page 316)

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He is unsuccessful in recognizing the fact that he is being used as mean to Dorotea’s subjective end. Manipulation is playing an extensive role in his mind. The worst part is the manipulator does not have a problem in using him for entertainment.   She also takes advantage of his unstable health. I personally believe using someones at the expense of someone’s critically unstable health is endangering wrong while at the same time risky. At any moment that person can suffer a stroke or their whole system could shut down. Not only that, you would be held accountable for his or her death.


” In the name of God, when a lady thus bows her royal head to me, how can I possibly forego the opportunity to raise her up again and return her to her hereditary throne? Let us leave at once, then, for the common saying that ‘ there is danger in delay ‘ lends spurs to my desire to be on our way. Heaven never having created, nor Hell ever  having seen, anyone or anything that can frighten or worry me, saddle up Rocinante, Sancho, and ready your donkey and the queen’s steed, and let us say farewell to the castle warden and to all these gentlemen, and be out of her.”

Don Quijote, Chapter 46, Volume I, Page 316)


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In summarization, el Hombre de la Mancha struggles to distinguish enchantments from reality. His senses have been unable to detect the great lengths of manipulation that Dorotea has been responsible for. Since he has revealed his true colors of an enchantment believer, there are those such as Sancho who is committed to not leaving a friend’s back.  A true friend, empowered by good judgment and heart, can contribute his or her time in going through the sort obstacles a person may have. The success will be noted when that same friend is reminded of his endless mark of companionship.