After Cervantes had written the first volume of Don Quixote, a “wanna be” Cervantes came out of the shadows and published his own book about the adventures of Don Quixote. Of course he never mentioned what his name was however (probably because he was scared of the real Cervantes). When Cervantes writes the second volume of the book he starts out with some good old fashioned sarcasm to set the tone. He also seemed to somewhat change the character of Don Quixote and his actions in the second volume. Whether this is the result of the imposter Cervantes or not is unknown.

New Quixote

It seemed as though Cervantes had changed the character of Don Quixote a little bit in the second volume of the book. One reason that I say this is because he now seems to care about what others think of him. Quixote would never even give this a second thought in the first volume. It also seems like Sancho is able to rationalize with Don Quixote now like when he convinces him to not fight the jester that was riding around on the mule. When Sancho Panza tells Don Quixote that pretty much everybody thinks he is crazy he gets upset. This is something that we haven’t seen from Don Quixote in the past. It will be interesting to see if this continues in further readings.


Sancho hasn’t changed quite as much as Don Quixote has in the second part of the book. One thing that I have noticed however is the fact that he has become more greedy when it comes to money. He asks Quixote for a raise and Quixote says no. He is also constantly searching for ways to obtain wealth. It is still unclear to me why Sancho Panza stays with Don Quixote in the first place. It might be because he is loyal to him no matter what Don Quixote does or it could just simply be that he has nowhere else to go and nothing else to do.


It seems as though a lot is changing in part two of Don Quixote. Overall I think I like the new changes, and I definitely cannot wait to see what happens in Don Quixote’s and Sancho’s future adventures.