For the first time in the book, we see don Quixote show genuine affection for Sancho when telling him he believes in him to govern the isle.  Don Quixote gives Sancho honest and helpful advice on living as a governor, with how to act proper and all.  In his lecture don Quixote says, “Eat not garlic nor onions, lest they find out thy boorish origin by the smell; walk slowly and speak deliberately, but not in such a way as to make it seem thou art listening to thyself, for all affectation is bad.  Dine sparingly and sup more sparingly still; for the health of the whole body is forged in the workshop of the stomach.  Be temperate in drinking, bearing in mind that wine in excess keeps neither secrets nor promises,” (Chap. 43) In that one paragraph we see more kind words from don Quixote than we have heard in the entire book so far.  Is don Quixote turning a new leaf and going to continue to support and be kind to Sancho, or will he go back to using him and being mean to him?  If his past in any indication, he will go back to being mean to him, just like he does with seeming sane and then doing more crazy stuff.

Next up for discussion is Clavileño the Swift.  How did on Quixote and Sancho not see any red flags here? Don Quixote started to when he wanted to check the horses belly, but he let the Duchess talk him out of it; he should have stuck with his gut.  How did don Quixote and Sancho honestly believe that the knight and princess got turned into brass animals? That’s a little out there, even for don Quixote.  The movie clip we watched in class did a great job of portraying the scene, it was exactly how I imagined it in my head, and just as silly.

Finally again I ask why.  Why is the Duke and Dutchess going so far with this?  They have brought so many other people into the game to play different roles, all to trick Sancho and don Quixote.  Do they really not have anything better to do?  Is there not a single person in the crowd who feels bad for Sancho and don Quixote who could tell them they are being tricked?  I wonder if people look at the Duke and Dutchess as negative and mean people who play tricks on innocent people.  I know I see them that way.