In the recent chapters, Don Quixote has been getting into more and more dangerous situations. The most recent situation has been the enchanted boat. Don Quixote and Sancho almost drowned to death in this situation. I believe that this is symbolizing that Don Quixote may end up dying in the end.

While they were on the boat, there was a disturbance which lead to the boat being capsized. Both the knight and the squire fell into the water.

“It came out all right for don Quixote, who knew how to swim like a goose, although the weight of the armor he was wearing took him to the bottom twice,  and if it weren’t for the millers, who plunged in after them and took them out as deadweight, it would have been another Troy for the two of them” (Chapter 29).

Both don Quixote and Sancho would have died. This is completely different from the first volume when at most they would get injured a bit. The experiences they are having are slowly going from dangerous experiences to near-death experiences.

In my opinion, this symbolizes that don Quixote will die come the ending. This may be more evident to me because I have already learned that the book will be completed after the death on don Quixote. This reminds me of something I have recently learned in psychology called the hindsight bias, which is when you believe you can see something happening, even after it had happened.

What’s strange, but expected, is that the near-death experience doesn’t seem to bug the two after it had happened. Once everything and everyone calmed down and don Quixote and Sancho paid for the damages, they went back to their normal business.

“…Sancho, once again on his knees and his hands joined in prayer, asked God, through a long and devout supplication, to free him starting right then from the daring plans and assaults of his master” (Chapter 29).

At first, he was very shaken. He wanted to stop traveling with Don Quixote and go back home. In my opinion, he should have. This would have been better for him and he wouldn’t be getting into such dangerous situations.

“…Sancho disbursed much against his will, saying: ‘Two more boat trips like this one, and all our wealth will have sunk to the bottom.'” (Chapter 29)

Sancho went back to worrying about the money once he had calmed down. He is going to stick with don Quixote for however long he travels. I believe that while Sancho does prevent don Quixote from doing some things, he also allows don Quixote to attempt dangerous feats. If Sancho were to leave, don Quixote’s experiences would just get more perilous as he goes along.

In my opinion, don Quixote will be getting into more and more risky situations and it will symbolize that his death is near. I hope that when this happens, he can be with his niece at his own home, but I’m not sure whether it will be like that. All I believe is that don Quixote will pass away to finish the story.