This weeks discussions included our thoughts on how Don Quixote and Sancho are starting to have more tension. Also is Sancho changing his mind about Don Quixote? Does he want to go home?

In chapter 30, Sancho questions why Quixote won’t marry the princess. Quixote took offense to what Sancho had said about his Dulcinea and attacked Sancho, giving him blows to the head with his lance.

After this Sancho forgives Quixote for what he had done and Quixote says “I forgive you now and pardon me for the injury I did you, because first impulses are not in the hands of me.”

He always finds a way to forgive Quixote and focus on what Quixote has promises him in the future, no matter how bad of a beating or insult it is.

The travelers end up going to the inn where Quixote and Sancho stayed in before. Sancho was also blanketed there earlier.

The landlord shows the curate some of his books, and the curate wants to burn them. The landlord would rather have him burn his child. The curate denonces the works as a bunch of lies. The landlord asks him to listen to one of the delightful stories.

The curate tells the landlord that these things never happened, for the knights discussed in tales never existed. People should spend time developing their minds than reading a bunch of falsehoods that can only do them harm–like they did Quixote. The landlord says he won’t suffer Quixote’s fate because he knows that knights no longer exist.

Sancho is disturbed by the fact that knights no longer exist, for it means it is unlikely his master’s promises will be fulfilled. He considers returning home.

In conclusion, Sancho is coming up with a new look on Quixote and might be getting tired of this adventure.