Now that Volume one of Don Quixote is coming to an end that means Volume two is right  around the corner. Volume One gave us great incite to how Don Quixote carries himself, and surpirsingly enough after seeing Quixote as a crazy man, i am finally realizing that Quixote is just like me, someone who is searching for the meaning of life.

Others might call him crazy for finding his own path, and well it is out of the box thinking, but its still what he defines as the meaning of life or what his destiny is. Over this first volume Quixote went from a crazed old man, to an old man that is lost inside himself and wants to do what makes him happy even if he is viewed as crazy.  As the story progressed it became more clear that he was aware of his actions.

Quixote was even self conscious of the way others felt about him. He was afraid to show weakness to anyone who thought of him as a lesser person. So even though Quixote had the willpower of a noble knight he still had the same insecurities of a “normal” human being.

With that being said this is what finally made the puzzle fit together for me. I thought about my own personal life and the actions i have made throughout my life and how others would have probably viewed them as crazy or uncommon, but in my eyes i was doing what made me happy and i wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. I was unable to brush off what others said to me like they did not affect me just like Quixote.

So I’m hoping that in Volume 2 of Don Quixote, i get to relater more to Quixote and actually have a character that relates to me in the story.